What is a Salt & Pepper Diamond?

A salt-and-pepper diamond is a natural diamond with inclusions of black and white appearance and looks like a stone silky gray and speckled look. 

Due to this inclusions are black, white and other colors creating a salt and pepper effect. They have many different shapes and sizes. 

Some salt and pepper diamonds will have more inclusions than others, and no two diamonds are alike - some are going to be dark and moody, others come light and bright with just a couple of tiny blemishes, while still others can look almost gray light and grey Dark. 

In the past time, salt and pepper diamonds were outcasts of the diamond industry due to undesirable considerations and too inferior to be used in jewelry. But nowadays, most of the view has changed, and they have gone from being the pariahs of the natural diamond world to the next big thing. 

Salt and pepper natural diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings due to their completely unique and beautiful colors, patterns, clarity and styles. 

Salt and Pepper Diamond, Natural Diamond

Why do you want to Choose a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

If you are looking for a stone for your engagement ring with a unique and beautiful diamond, think about what you want the ring to say and how you want it to look. A salt and pepper ring is not for everyone. 


Select a Salt and Pepper Natural Diamond ring if you…

  • want an affordable diamond
  • want a unique looking diamond ring
  • want lots of custom design options or your choice design
  • want a more ethical stone for your ring
  • think imperfection is a beautiful ring
  • do not care what people think or what they say about your ring.

Do not buy a salt and pepper diamond,

  • If you want to have more diamonds to choose from selection of diamonds shapes
  • if you want to follow your tradition
  • if you’re after brilliance and sparkle

Benefits of selecting a Salt and Pepper Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Salt and pepper natural diamonds are much less costly than pure white diamonds so if the dimensions of the gemstone is vital to you, choosing a speckled rough diamond - Salt and Pepper Diamond is a great choice for your engagement ring.

With more uniqueness as compared to classic white diamonds, you will have more gemstone for your money.

Our Diamond shop with customs Jewelry design requirements is made using fair trade and conflict-free stones obtained directly from our manufacturing facilities, so you can be more confident for your salt and pepper diamond was obtained ethically and genuinely.

Salt and pepper diamond has a unique, simplistic, and mysterious appearance. Their smokey and modern look has become popular among those that need a ring that stands out from the people and doesn’t conform to the established order. It is the right style for the modern-day selection.
Salt and pepper diamonds are unusually beautiful and attractive. The gorgeous speckled appearance of those diamonds makes them unique and appealing, with no two diamonds exactly alike. this provides each stone character and elegance.

Salt and pepper diamonds suit a spread of ring styles, from vintage to contemporary. They’re easily adapted to suit minimalist or maximalist styles and appearance perfect in rustic, rough ring designs also as in high-end, stylish settings. This versatility makes salt and pepper diamond an ideal choice for any sort of fashion sense.

The cut of a galaxy diamond is that the other unique aspect. Gem cutters most frequently cut salt and pepper diamonds during a rose cut, which features a flat bottom, since retention of carat weight isn't usually a priority. For galaxy diamonds, they're cut exactly sort of a traditional diamond, therefore the stone features a culet, the term for rock bottom a part of the diamond where the facets close during a point. this sort of culet allows for light to flee, enhancing the diamond’s brilliance.

Unlike regular diamonds, salt & pepper diamonds aren't judged the maximum amount by their color, clarity and carat weight. They have a tendency to be chosen due to their individual appearance and suitability to be used in any given jewelry design. If the diamond is gorgeous to you and it fits the planning, then it is the perfect diamond for the ring.

The diamond industry is understood for its connections to conflict, unethical practices and massive impact on the environment. While plenty of earth need to be extracted to seek out a couple of gem quality diamonds, salt and pepper stones are far more available. While they still have an impression on the world (any sort of mining does), they’re still far more sustainable than other sorts of diamonds.

How to choose a Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring?

There's a lot more choice available when it involves choosing a salt and pepper diamond ring due to the vast array of shades and hues they are available in. you'll choose an almost carbonado or the very palest speckled grey and white.

When it involves choosing your diamond, consider the colors and shapes that you simply just like the most and use them as a point of reference for locating your statement stone. We have a little selection of diamonds available and available to be set in our engagement rings or a bespoke ring design, but we're also ready to source them counting on your personal preference. Contact us for more information or take a glance at the salt and pepper diamonds we currently have available .


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